Hi, I'm Josh!

Trennd surfaces emerging and exploding trends for you to discover.
It continually monitors the web for interesting keywords & topics, and then classifies them using Google Trends data.
I created it because, like so many other people, I want to bootstrap a profitable online business.
And it's 100X easier to do so if you ride a big market trend. Jump on the opportunity before the competition gets too fierce.
But also, businesses take years of sales, marketing and general hard work even after you've launched. I'd like to know that life force is going into a growing opportunity, not a shrinking one.
But you don’t know what you don’t know. Including trends and opportunities.
Usually Hacker News are how things trickle down to me and I learn how:
  • Pieter Levels tapped into the digital nomad and remote work trend while scratching his own itch with Nomad List and Remote OK [1]
  • Jason Cohen of WPEngine realised that Wordpress wasn't going anywhere anytime soon, so he decided to make hosting both bareable and reliable for businesses. [2]
  • Transistor.fm spotted a growing B2B market for podcast hosting and bootstrapped a SaaS for it [3].
  • The legendary Patrick McKenzie saw Twilio when it first came out and built Appointment Reminder around it [4].
Both market awareness and market timing were critical for these guys. On top of execution skill of course.
So I needed a shiny new app or tool.
Something that could surface opportunities like these by automatically monitoring the web for new topics. So that I can then plug them into Google Trends. Heck, it could even check Google Trends itself so I don’t have to.
But I couldn't find anything. So I thought I'd build it.
At first I was going to keep this just as a CLI tool for myself. There is even a first version that just outputs trend graphs to the console. Then I thought I might as well package it as a B2C SaaS product - see if I can make a quick buck. But then this comment [5] by Courtland Allen of Indie Hackers resonated with me. To summarise, he points out that SaaS is a slow, competitive grind and B2C often has little money in it. So instead copy his easier strategy: build an audience around content.
So I’m going to go this route and make Trennd a valuable & freely available resource to other people like me.
People can also add trends themselves, so we can crowdsource this a bit. And instead of a product hunter, you can be a trend seer and say ‘I told you so’ to everyone else. It's like a mashup of Nomad List and Product Hunt for discovering new trends.
Also, I’m making it an open startup, as is the trend these days (pun intended!)
This is premature and assumes I’m not downvoted into the dust when I share Trennd. Revenue is obviously at zero right now. It will likely stay there for a while. Probably forever. But this transparency forces accountability on my end. It also might help to grow community interest in the project too.
Plus as a baby Indie Hacker, it makes me feel part of the Open StartupTM [6] club. If $0 even counts!
So see you at Month 1’s update with the Trennd launch post mortem!
If you have any suggestions or just want to chat: [email protected]

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